PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer
App Name PGT +: Pro GFX & Optimizer
Genre Tools
Size 3.0M
Latest Version 0.22.1
MOD Info PAID/Patched
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Update September 18, 2022 (1 week ago)

Play your most loved PUBG sport with complete confidence using PGTPLUS PRO. No more stuttering, lagging, delaying. Develop your skills and be the last person standing with the expense of a gaming phone.

The most recent version for PGT PRO Plus (PUB Gfx) is now available on and is free to download right now!

PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

The PGT Project: Pro Graphics Toolkit

PGT The Pro Graphics Toolkit also called PUB Gfx+ Tool, is an optimization tool for graphics in the most downloaded battle royale survival game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG which is short for). While it’s an unimportant tool that is tied to PUBG however, it is at the top of the top list of paid Android applications ever. Demand for this app is so huge that its free version on the Play Store exceeds 5 million downloads as of November 2020, which was the date this article was published.

The most appealing aspect of PGT is the fact that it permits low-cost devices to play smoothly, it optimizes settings for mid-range devices to ensure that the performance is in line with the look of the game. It even aids in saving the battery of top-of-the-line devices. While the developers haven’t shared the details of how they created the game, however, you can see in the user interface of the app where there are advanced graphics settings you can adjust within the application to achieve the desired outcomes.

PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

Why do you require PGTPLUS PRO?

Since its release on February 9 the 9th of February, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most played mobile games, with thousands of gamers around the world. The game was originally designed for PC and consoles It isn’t unexpected to learn that PUBG Mobile demands a high-end hardware configuration to provide the best gaming experience. In the end, many lower-end gadgets were unable to play the game even on the most basic set. It’s not just that, the developer optimization of the mobile version was so terrible that some High-end devices are unable to run the game. There are only a handful of options available in the graphics settings that a user may affect. This is why PGT PRO was born and it is able to solve the issues mentioned earlier.

In particular, the application offers numerous customization options that allow players to go deeper into the game and make adjustments in the quality of images, sound shadows, and frames.

It aids in optimizing PUBG Mobile performance to ensure that the game will run much more smoothly and more robust. Don’t believe that PGT PRO is only available for low-end devices as it can also improve games on higher-end devices to give you a better gaming experience. You’ll be amazed by the effects this program can bring.

PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

The most important features of PGT are Key features of PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit

The PGT Pro Graphics Toolkit offers various graphics settings that aren’t accessible in the game settings. This means that you’ll have more control over the appearance and the performance. Additionally, the application offers online tutorials and support to ensure that you do not get lost in the numerous options for advanced options.

Before you are able to experience the fun of PGT Make sure that you’ve downloaded PGT’s PUBG Mobile game, as the game cannot perform the task for you because of the limitations of Google Play Store’s rules. If the app is launched in the very first instance you should also permit it to access your files to modify the parameters for setting up the game.


The first thing you’ll be able to see on the main interface is the section that reads “Best options for the device”. It is possible to believe that the application will automatically decide on the best settings depending on the performance of your hardware but it’s much more complex than it appears. Within the options are thousands of presets to choose from and instantly apply the preset to the next section of your game. You can search for the phone model you have and choose the one that is displayed If you wish to, you’re totally at liberty to apply another model’s preset. It’s your choice.

PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

Presets can be a solution for players who don’t know the graphics and hardware settings in the game. Instead of setting the settings on your own simply select a pre-set that is compatible with your device. The application will automatically adjust your game in accordance with the settings of the preset. The best part is that PGT PRO has numerous presets that are compatible with the majority of Android devices of today, even the low-end ones.

Support for multiple game variants

Because PUBG Mobile is available in several versions that are available to players across the globe, PGT also has to adjust to meet the needs of all versions. Since the game doesn’t know which version you’re using it is necessary to choose the variant you prefer by hand. PGT supports all game variations, but ensure that you have updated it to the latest version 1.1x to enable PGT to work. You can select from Global Version, Global version beta, Version Lite, and country-specific variations like China, Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Basic settings

Basic settings The basic settings option in PGT provides a straightforward way to improve your game. You can pick the resolution you want to play at as well as the general graphic switches FPS limit as well as the color scheme, shadows choices as well as anti-aliasing. Although resolution, over graphics switches, can be easy to understand alternatives, anti-aliasing and shadow options may be a bit difficult for new players. The general rule is to reduce the value of settings to increase smoothness and increase the values to enhance graphics.

PGT+ PRO (PUB GFx Plus) MOD APK v0.22.1 (PAID/Patched)

Shadows and Anti-aliasing can be extremely demanding for your system. Shadows settings include options to turn off and on the quality of rendering of shadows on surfaces. Anti-aliasing includes MSAA along with FXAA settings, along with Anisotropy levels. MSAA is a shorthand for Multisample anti-aliasing, a technique that takes every pixel sample and then combines it with other pixels multiple times before finally rendering the pixels onto your screen. consequently, when you have more sample sizes you need to use, the more strained your system will be due to the fact that it renders multiple times within a single frame. FXAA is a more simple anti-aliasing technique that makes use of contrast data to identify sharp lines and then smooth them away so it places less stress on your computer. It is highly recommended to use only one anti-aliasing program at a time.

Advanced settings

The options are different and aid in improving performance by reducing unnecessary background processes. Memory Boost cleans up your RAM – the internal memory of your computer and gives you more space for your game to utilize. Zero lag is the option that allows you to choose which option is best for you, based on battery and performance. You can also select the rendering API in particular OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.1+, and Vulkan. These settings are intended for advanced players, But don’t hesitate to contact the team of developers or your PUBG mobile community should you’re really looking to experiment. Since all settings will be reset when the game closes and closed. There is no disaster if your settings turn out to be in error.

Additional features

There are options for enabling some of the features that aren’t publicly available. They aren’t reliable enough to be released but they are functional and thus you may like to test them. You can, for instance, enable enhanced sound quality in order to get a better experience, similar to that of the PUBG game on your PC, or you can change from HDR modes.

In Miscellaneous Graphics There. You’ll find additional options, like the option to switch the color mode to 32 bits and 64 bits, switch between modes. Switch between different levels of graphics rendering, and turn on light effects. These settings will not significantly impact the performance of your game but you might want to turn off the setting in the event. That your game starts to slow down and you’ve done all the work required to increase your FPS.


The company behind PUBG Mobile has stated that they don’t permit the use of third tooling within the game. Since it could cause problems in battle. However, PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit is totally and completely safe for use. The program works smoothly and steadily to help you improve your game without warning from the creator.

The app is not an [email protected] tool to play PUBG Mobile. It’s just a tool to alter the settings of graphics for more smooth gaming.


PGT The Pro Graphics Toolkit indispensable tool for this PUBG Mobile game that is available to anybody, on any device. If you use PUBG Mobile on a low-cost or mid-range device that is not built for intense gaming. The tool can make your game less difficult and playable. If you own an expensive top-of-the-line device that will play any game and everything.  There are some new options to try. To put it simply, PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit is the only way to unlock the potential for this PUBG mobile game.

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