RULES OF SURVIVAL MOD APK + OBB v1.610637.617289(NetEase)

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Size 4G
Latest Version 1.610637.617289
MOD Info NetEase
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Update September 18, 2022 (1 week ago)

Hello, guys. Today I bring you a new MOD, ready to Download RULES OF SURVIVAL MOD APK v1.610542.594160 (MEGA MOD). Updated for Android 2022, I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.


Welcome to the new arena RULES OF SURVIVAL, where the deathmatch has now risen to a thrilling epic scale! It is a Battle Royale game now played by more than 100 million people worldwide.

We can introduce you to a brand new, fully updated 8 × 8 km map that allows 300 players to fight on a wide variety of terrain. Only one will survive! Awesome game!

Are there hacks for RULES OF SURVIVAL?

Yes, it is possible to cheat on both mobile devices (Android / iOS) and PC through Rules of Survival Hacks and Mods. Possible modifications include automatic aiming (aimbot) for automatic aiming and shooting, improved aim assist, automatic looting, dodging dashes, wallhacks (ESP), speed hacks, modified field of view, and much more. However, since this is an online game, there are no unlimited gold, diamond, or legendary skins hacks that stick and won’t get the game out of sync. You are saving data stored on NetEase Games servers and cannot be hacked or modified in any way.


RoS is a mostly server-side survival shooter. Which means that the most effective way to cheat is through the use of hacks. Such as aimbots and wallhacks, that allows you to see enemies and objects through walls, which makes looting extremely easy, killing even easier, surviving more likely, and giving you a big shot at that dinner of turkey and the gold and diamonds that come together with it and thus allowing you to farm more. Boxes, etc. A Rules of Survival hack will generally come in the form of a downloadable mod game file for Android, iOS or PC or as a script to be used in a game hacking tool, such as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine or Game Gem, depending on the platform you play on.

On mobile devices, Rules of Survival hacks are usually packaged as mods or modified games/apps that can install in place of the original Rules of Survival game on your Android or iOS device. Once you launch the hacked version of the game, you will have the cheats enabled from the beginning, or you can activate them in a trainer menu. Use this method to find working and legitimate hack downloads and use them safely.

Aimbots and Wallhacks for Rules of survival

Wallhacks and aimbots for Rules of survival work very similarly to each other as they take advantage of the fact that your phone/tablet / PC has to know what is around you to show the game for you. These deceptive apps scan your environment for objects such as items, players, airdrop boxes, removable players, etc., and they show you that information.

Also, the aimbot will automatically aim your guns at enemies in sight and fire your guns (bot shooter) automatically for more kills. Aimbots can be configured to fire for limbs, head or body. The best way to do it depends on our weapons, as a Barrett will always kill with a limb or a headshot, but most assault rifles, such as the AKM, M4A1 etc., will make better headshots only. Either way, are rules of Survival Wallhacks will allow you not only to loot more times and weapons by finding them with extreme ease, but you will also outperform any other player.

Rules of survival Aimbots are typically most effective on assault rifles, snipers, then machine guns, shotguns, and pistols. Assault rifles are the best as they can be used at any range and will be able to kill at any range using an aimbot. If you are looking to farm gold and diamonds quickly and for free in Rules of Survival, then using an aimbot is certainly a viable option and will allow you to obtain legendary skins more quickly. Aimbots are especially effective in Rules of Survival because most weapons are hitcan, and bullets have no travel time or bullet drop.

Rules of Survival Mods

While on PC cheats, they generally run like any other app alongside the game. You will have to install a modified version of the game client on mobile devices. That means you need to download the modified version of the APK / IPA file. The IPA mods are for iOS devices, and the modified APK files are for Android. On iOS, a jailbroken device will be required to install Rules of Survival hacks. However, on Android, only some APK mods will require root.

You will have to download a new mod for each update the game receives, as the game servers will not accept old versions of the game client. Warning: There are no Rules of Survival Mods for unlimited gold/money, unlimited diamonds/gems, unlimited health, damage hacks, all weapons, level 3 gear, unlimited cosmetic box openings, and there are no online generators or online hacks of any kind. Beware: these are generally survey offer scams and human verification offer scams.

Mod menus for Rules of Survival

The easiest, most practical, and the most sought-after way to cheat in Rules of Survival on mobile devices is to use mod menus. These are essentially prepackaged cheats that come within a modded game on your Android or iOS device and after downloading. And install. In the hacked game, you get a toggle menu that allows you to enable or disable any cheat that comes packaged in the mod called Rules of Survival Mod Menu.

Hacks that can include in a cheat menu for Rules of Survival may include. But are not necessarily limited to: Aimbot, wallhack, extreme target assist, damage hacks, speed hacks, no spread, no recoil, fast reload, no reloading, teleporting, running faster, no grass and many more options that may be possible depending on the platform you are playing on. The update you are playing on and many other factors. If you’re looking to find working mods and hacks that haven’t been detected for Rules of Survival. Use our Search Tool to find the latest and greatest cheats.

Rules os Survival Wallhack

As already established, this type of software allows the user on PC, Android or iOS to view items and players from anywhere. This is especially useful for looting in the early game when entering the right house to find a Rifle, Shotgun, or Sniper is extremely important and must be done quickly. In this case, the Rules of Survival Wallhack apps will allow you to obtain a weapon before the players around you and easily ship them later.

Later in a game, having walls activated is also incredibly useful as you can easily avoid players, flank enemies for easy kills, see their health, armour, weapons etc., from afar. You can also easily loot exactly what you need, as you will see the items that spawned in any building from far away. Overall, wall hacking is one of the most useful means of cheating on Rules of Survival currently available for download on the internet. ESP / VAC scripts are probably the funniest Rules of Survival Hack out there as they will help the player win the game without downplaying the actual game experience or eliminating the feeling of challenge, making it one of the most popular downloads. Recommended currently available.

Using Game Hacking Tools

If you can’t find working hacks or mods for Rules of Survival because they don’t work for the current update or because they’re too hard to find for the platform you’re playing on. Then you might want to consider using the game’s hacking tools and memory editing software. The great thing about using tools to create your cheats is that such techniques and tutorials often work for multiple updates before being patched or out of date in any way. You can find job tutorials using our search tools as usual.

If you cannot download working hacks or create your tools. You can always try to hack other popular online Battle Royale games for mobile devices like Creative Destruction, Fortnite Mobile or PUBG Mobile. Which are also viable cheat options for people looking to hack. Shooters battle royale online.

Rules of Survival Scripts

Scripts automatically perform actions for you and are incredibly powerful in battle royale games. As speed and evasion are key here. Scripts can automatically loot players for you. Can move your character from side to side to avoid incoming fire. Can jump quickly when scripts detect enemy fire to avoid damage in combat body to body.

The scripts are mainly used on PC but can also be configured for Android and iOS. This kind of hack isn’t as powerful as a full auto-targeting app or a wallhack. But it’s incredibly difficult to spot and optimize for the smallest things that can kill you very easily. Like not attacking while looting etc.

Rules of Private Survival Servers

While they are not a real hack as they don’t give you anything on the official Rules of Survival game servers which are based on NetEase Games. The private servers can still allow you to test weapons, emulate having unlimited diamonds and gold. Play games with your friends and if you have your own emulated / private server. You can even give yourself a god mode.

The only problem here is that creating a private server is only possible if you reverse engineer the game servers or have the actual server-side software used by the official game in your hands. Which is highly unlikely that happen like any decent game developer. Will make sure that doesn’t happen. However, this is the only potential way to get money hacks and god modes in Rules of Survival.

The best cheat method in Rules of Survival

There can be no doubt that the best, most efficient, safest, and funniest hack to use in Rules of Survival is the Wall Hack. This tool/mod will allow you to find the best weapons in the game faster. Find or avoid enemy players, get ammo, farm gold and diamonds in the fastest way possible. On top of everything, wallhack cheats are the safest to use as they are very difficult for other players to detect and report. Making bans extremely rare. So if you want a recommendation for a worthwhile download, this type of app is the tool to look for.

This way of cheating allows you to enjoy the challenge. Develop your skills with sniper rifles, AR, dodge, aim, move strategically and send other players without the help of a bot. Which can make the game incredibly easy and boring pretty fast. Also, this way of getting an unfair advantage is more social than most of the other hacks that can use in Rules of Survival.

Watch out. Your safe zone is shrinking! So pick up the scattered weapons, stick to your teeth, and wield your tactics like no other.

Alert !!! It is not just a survival game. You will rewrite the RULES OF SURVIVAL!

Come and embark on a world-class battle royale RIGHT NOW!


  • Run or fight!
  • Absolute fair play on a massive HD map.
  • The last man standing!
  • Solo or team mode in a battle of 120 survivors.
  • Collect and use!
  • Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
  • Fast and Furious!
  • Drive vehicles through different terrain.

Click “Help” in the game to contact us if you need help.

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