Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid takes players back to the 80s, with Snoop Dogg.

Nov 09, 2022 ( 2 days ago )
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Call of Duty Mobile is going to another season, but the clock is going backwards. The closer we are to the 30th of March the further back we'll go in the battle royale's latest season has retro-themed themes. So, put on those glasses to let your long hair fall in the Call of Duty Mobile's season 3: Radical Raid goes on sale soon.

The brand new Radical Raid Battle Pass will come with new weapons and blueprints, as well as charms, operators, and much more. Free tiers give the brand new Reactor Core Operator skill, the MAC-10 SMG, a handful of blueprints, camos and calls cards, and much more. Paid customers can also get Operator skins that are themed to the 80s, like Clownpin Gunzo Glam Park, and Chrome Dump American Bulldog. They also have an exclusive set of blueprints, such as HBRa3, the Banana Blaster, HBRa3, and many more.

The map doesn't have the retro style like the Cold War in Call of Duty's Miami Strike. In a world full of hotels and parking garages you have the option of playing offensive and defensive. Additionally, season three also includes Training Ground 2.0, a extremely customized Practice Range to help you improve your abilities. Its Command Panel can be used to modify the entire nitty-gritty of the training area to give you the best combat experience. It is also known as the Player Data Panel also tracks different parameters in fights.

Players are likely to already be familiar with Raul Menendez, a notorious crime lord , who's returned to town. Players have to meet Raul and remain with him should they want to take part in tokens which can be exchanged for unique rewards such as Epic Fennec -- Pure Fury and the Menendez Safari Fashion Operator skin. These are only a few additions to the season, but there's plenty more coming. To add to the excitement Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper returns to Call of Duty Mobile as an operator, willing to kill enemies.

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