Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha Test Kicking Off Next Month

April 28, 2022 (5 months ago)

When is Rainbow Six Mobile’s Closed Alpha Test? The Closed Alpha will be held in the USA, Canada, and Mexico starting on May 3rd. It will feature two game modes, 16 Operators, and a Bank or Border map. Android users in these countries can sign up for the Closed Alpha on the official website. When they’re selected, they’ll be sent an email containing a unique code to log in to the Closed Alpha.

Closed Alpha Test

Rainbow Six Mobile is getting a closed alpha test next month, and Ubisoft will be releasing a developer’s diary about it this week. The game will feature a Bank map, a Border map, and 16 operators including Ash, Sledge, and Hibana. While Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned an exact date for the start of the closed alpha, the developers say the test will last for a couple of weeks.

Rainbow Six Mobile is being released later this year for Android and iOS devices. The developer has yet to decide which platform will be used first, but the closed alpha is a great opportunity to get the game before it hits the shelves. The closed alpha is open to US, Canadian, and Mexican residents, and the developer has promised to give players a chance to test the game before the official release.


Ubisoft has revealed that the first map for Rainbow Six Mobile’s Closed Alpha test will be Border, Bank, and Bank. The Closed Alpha will also feature 16 operators in the Bank and Border maps. The game will have only limited features for its Closed Alpha test, so be sure to bring plenty of patience and a desire to play the game before it’s ready for the general public.

In a statement, Ubisoft said that the closed alpha test will be available to a select group of Android gamers starting on May 3. The objective of this early test is to collect feedback on the game’s gameplay and features and allow the developers to make adjustments. However, there is no NDA associated with the Closed Alpha test, which is why people can participate without fear of violating any terms of service.


The technical test will feature two maps in the game – Bank and Border – and 16 operators. You can also play the game in Bomb and Secure Area modes. Although the game is bare bones at this point, you can expect to enjoy it nonetheless. As it stands now, there’s no NDA attached to the closed alpha test, and you can give your feedback on what you like and don’t like about it.

The Closed Alpha will be limited to the USA, Canada, and Mexico, but it will include the game’s two multiplayer modes – Bank and Border – and 16 Operators. Those interested in participating can sign up for the test by visiting the official website and receiving an email with a unique code. After that, they can play the game and see if it’s for them.

PvP modes

Rainbow Six Mobile’s Closed Alpha will launch on May 3, but the game’s full release is likely months away. The new mobile game brings the core gameplay from Rainbow Six Siege to mobile devices. As with Rainbow Six Siege, the game will include both PvP and co-op modes. The game will also feature two iconic maps from the series. The Closed Alpha will be limited in what it includes and how it plays, but it will include two distinct game modes.

Players can choose between two types of PvP games: Quick Match and Ranked. Quick Match allows you to join a match quickly, but it requires you to be level 50 to play. Ranked is similar to casual multiplayer, but with small differences. Players choose spawn locations and become ranked based on their performance against the other team. To be ranked, your team must win at least four rounds, but nine rounds is the maximum.

Registration process

If you’ve been wondering when the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta test will begin, you’re in luck. The game’s announcement trailer has already got mobile gamers excited. Now you can register to participate and get early access. To get a head start on the registration process, visit Ubisoft’s website. The game’s website will have information about the closed beta test, maps, and Operators, as well as a blog post from the developers. After registering, you’ll be asked to create an account with Ubisoft and complete a survey about your mobile gaming habits.

The registration process is simple. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire with some basic information about yourself. If you’ve played mobile shooters before, you can expect some questions about that experience. If you haven’t, you can also select whether you have the time to complete the questionnaire. The final step involves selecting the device you’ll be playing the game on. If you’ve already played mobile shooters and enjoy a tactical role-playing game, you’re probably a good candidate to join the closed beta test.